Design Works is a full service 3D designing and printing company that provides state of the art technology through highly specialized manufacturing techniques. Having existed for about 20 years, this company specializes in all step of the jewelry design process from Computer Aided Design to Rapid Prototyping(3d prin, which is essential for product development and for the finishing of goods across a multitude of industries.


It is apparent that 3D printing has a huge impact on many leading industries, and this explains why our company was created to integrate 3D into the, notably in jewelry manufacturing..  As a matter of fact, Design Works designs and produces a range of professional 3D printing solutions that helps many of our clients achieve results faster.


Design Works’s team comprises of highly skilled and experienced designers who are dedicated to bringing every concept to fruition, to the satisfaction of our clients. We are also consistent, reliable, fast and equipped with the most innovative 3D design and printing tools.

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